Japanese Ju-Jitsu

Japanese Ju-Jitsu combines striking, locking, throwing, escaping and ground work into a comprehensive system of self-defense and self-improvement. Our students learn the fundamentals of movement, balance, striking, and manipulation in the context of self-defense and calisthenic activities. The curriculum balances all aspects of self-defense, with the eventual goal of practical application, by focusing on skill building and principles. The long term goal is for the student to be able to improvise or create effective control over any opponent, of any size, under any circumstance – including attacks or scenarios not envisioned in training. Obviously, that is not a trivial skill set to develop. It requires knowledge of body mechanics, anatomy, and motion; combined with enough repetition to move through unfamiliar situations quickly, adapting by feel rather than conscious effort. In addition to the techniques, students find they learn self-discipline, dexterity, flexibility, control, leadership and they become more physically fit in the process. The skills developed in this program create successful people, with a sense of civic duty.