Registration Information

Anyone can join the Ju-Jitsu club. The club currently operates as a fitness class offered by the SDFC, as well as a student organization. New members are welcome during the first 3 weeks of each semester. New students cannot be accepted mid-semester, because the new student curriculum follows a specific progression. Prospective students are encouraged to observe or try the class. New students can join by paying the class fee at the SDFC during the first few weeks of every semester. People unaffiliated with ASU will additionally need to pay for access to the SDFC in addition to paying for the class.
The Ju-Jitsu club is a registered non-profit organization, and with ASU generously collaborating to provide access to great facilities, the art is extremely economical to practice. There are no club dues, but there is a fee to join the fitness class through the SDFC. The class costs $50 per semester for ASU students and $62.50 for affiliate members of the SDFC. The class fee can be paid at the SDFC front desk. A typical semester is 16 weeks, resulting in a program that costs less than $20 per month to train. Even adding the cost of an SDFC membership, this is still an extremely affordable program, consistent with the mission of the non-profit organization: to provide easy access to high-quality martial arts instruction, so anyone can learn and enjoy martial arts.
During the first few weeks of each semester, new students can participate without a uniform, and should show up to class in comfortable, appropriate clothing ready to work out. Except for new students, all students are expected to wear a uniform, called a gi. For regular classes, any white gi will do. On formal occasions, like rank tests, students are expected to wear uniforms with the club patch on the left side of the chest, and no other patches. Students with enough rank may wear black gi and hakamas, if desired.

The next semester will be the Fall 2018 semester, with the first class on August 20th. The first week of the semester, August 20th through August 25th, is free for anyone to try. Registration will remain open for approximately the first four weeks of the semester.

To register, visit the Sun Devil Fitness Complex Tempe admin desk, call 480-727-7802, or visit the online registration page.